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Thank you for your interest in our floorball goalie mask Hunter 71.
We rely on an individual approach. We do not want to use an automated communication, and therefore we are not a classic e-shop. This form of ordering will help us eliminate the possibility of bad selection and subsequent refunds. Every goalkeeper is unique, so we also do not follow the path of serial production.
After receiving the order, we will inform you of the delivery time and send you an electronic invoice.

If you are interested in the Hunter 71 mask, including graphic design using the airbrush technique, follow the instructions in the Airbrush / Order category and describe everything in a note.
If the billing address is different from the delivery address, please write everything in the note.

We believe that you will be exceptionally satisfied with our mask.

Order form

Head circumference: (to be measured on the forehead by a tailor´s measuring tape)

Goalkeeper age:

Shell color: color: (price 50 €)

Cage color: color RAL:

Gilding of the cage and connecting parts: (price 80 €)

Straps color:

Clips color:

Forehead sweatband color:

Spare forehead sweatband H71: (price 7 €) Quantity:

Foxart Bag: (price 25 €, see accessories) text: (for example name and number)

Foxart Sack: (price 12 €K, viz accessories) text: (např. jméno a číslo dresu)

Airbrush: (price varies, see airbrush) Describe

Billing and contact address

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