First of its kind!
Hunter 71
The only floorball mask on the market, which we customize to the goalkeeper's head.
Would you like a mask color matched to your gear?
HUNTER 71 will fulfill your wishes!
No rust, complete safety and a perfect view.

The H71 cage is made completely in the Czech Republic. It comes in an original design from and is manufactured according to IFF requirements.

It is welded with computer technology and was tested for a shot with a hockey puck at a speed of 100 km/h - with no damage result!

The guaranteed tensile strength of each joint is at least 200 kg for each individual joint. The construction consists of a flat stainless steel wire 4x2 mm.

The narrower part of the wire is set directly against the eyes in most parts of the cage, which makes the wire practically invisible.

A design novelty is the coiled side wire, which does not obstruct the view of the goalkeeper below himself.

Comfort and health
The liners for the HUNTER 71 mask are made of the Czech highly lightened polyethylene VYLEN.
It is harmless and suitable for persons with allergies.
Ideal material and shell construction for design.
Join the best!!
Professional floorball goalie mask