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KneePads H71 Air
Why choose H71 AIR kneepads?
Amazing stability in slides.
 H71 Air
Innovative shape, top material.

The H71 AIR professional floorball kneepads are the second series of popular long kneepads for floorball goalkeepers.

The kneepads are completely manufactured in the Czech Republic and from Czech materials. They do not require complicated and tight fixing, do not slip and are quick-drying.

The main change from the first model is the composition of the material and the shape of the kneepad. Everything is designed for even more stability in slides.

The only condition for successful use is wearing long functional underwear.

The kneepad is dryer and your knee is protected against rubbing.

How to choose the right size?

The main indicator when choosing suitable size of kneepads is your height, according to which the approximate size can be estimated. However, the height of the goalkeeper does not always have to be the right indicator.

Therefore, when ordering, you should write your height, age and the measured length of the shinbone with bended knee according to the picture below.

We will then choose the right size for you.

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